There are quite a lot of factors that can be responsible for the collapse of a building but generally, the shape of a building can give it away after it has been erected. One of the most common reasons for the collapse of a building is the loss of stability—this can happen due to different reasons ranging from an error in the foundation or a mix-up of equipment, etcetera.  However, buildings usually collapse for more than the mentioned reasons.


The cost of a foundation can be high. It can cost half the price of a building. However, building it the right way with the right proportion and expertise can save one from disasters.

Looking into the solidity of the soil and projecting the heaviness of the building and its contents are a few of the things to consider in measuring the materials for making the foundation.

A swampy ground requires strong foundations, way stronger than solid ground. Suffice to say that a solid ground needs a strong foundation as well which will be enough for the loads that will be brought in with the occupants later.


The utilization of substandard building materials for the development of buildings could cause structural failure, high cost of maintenance, constant glitch, and stimulate the deterioration of building elements and components. One may begin to wonder why a professional builder or anyone for that matter will consider settling for inferior materials in erecting a building: the reasons are not far-fetched as they include; corruption on the part of all involved parties, contracting buildings to non-professionals, contractors’ greed and selfishness, and owner’s financial constraints.


There are cases where workers are supplied the accurate materials to make concretes or blocks, but they end up mixing them incorrectly—this results in the concrete not having sufficient strength to hold the load of the building.

In this case, the workers are either not in the known of the mixing ratios of concretes or they are unskilled. For instance, wheelbarrows are used instead of measuring gauges to measure cement.


Imagine a toddler carrying an adult– UNIMAGINABLE! Exactly how it is when a building is saddled with more loads than it is originally designed to carry. The strain of the load will overwhelm the building and in no time, cause more harm than good. If a storeyed house is built for a family of six at most, and they end up having three to four visitors constantly, the house will become overburdened and it will wear out with time. A way out of this is making the foundation standard enough for eight people even while the intention is for six.

Another case is where a one-storey building is initially planned and along the line, an extra storey is added, the foundation will be carrying more than what was intended which will make it complain, i.e, collapse! This is why it is advisable to have a sound foundation that has the capacity for three storeys even though it is built for two. There was a case of a man who built a bungalow and in the space of two years, came back, removed the roof, added a decken to make it a storey building. Was the foundation built for that? NO!


There are laws in place that stress the need for the strength of buildings to be tested at every point of construction. If a building collapses at any time, this spells one thing—the laws were not obeyed.

The reason for this, more often than not, is that the owner and the contractor alike are in a hurry to finish the project and speedily move to the next. Having a property is almost everyone’s dream and this has made the services of builders increase in demand.

Considering this reason, I don’t blame people that want to buy land and build by themselves. Doing this, they can actively supervise the activities from start to finish to ensure everything is done to their satisfaction.

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