The Rainy Season as we all know is characterized by heavy rainfall and most times, flood.
A lot of people get frustrated this time of season due to the perils of this heavy rain fall on their properties.
Infact, most people don’t get to know the real state of the properties they purchase till the rainy season. This is the time they notice the terrible drainage system in the area, or that their lands are swampy or waterlogged. At this point, there is more or less nothing they can do.
But you, yes you.
You still have a choice.
That is why we’ve chosen to give you the opportunity to invest during the Rainy Season.
And here are 5 reasons to invest in Our Special Rainy Season Offer;

1. Get to know the state of the land:

When you invest in our Rainy season offer, you get to know the type of land you are investing in. Our site inspection (which is free), gives you an overview of the type of land you are investing in.
Is the land motor-able?
Is it swampy or water logged?
What is the state of the drainage system and more.
This saves you the cost of paying more money for sand filling the land or damages faced due to bad roads.

2. Get a discount on the Estates on offer:

Our Special Rainy Season Offer gives you the opportunity to pay for the Estates on offer at a discount price.

Champions Park: From 400k to 350k

Royalty Park: From 400k to 350k

Treasure Park: From 700k to 500k

Sunshine Park: From 1M to 850k

When you key into this offer, you get the opportunity to pay at the discount price.

3. Pay in installments in a space of 6 months:

With the Rainy season offer, you are given the opportunity to pay within the space of 6 months, at the discount price.

4. No installment charge:

Not only do you get to pay in installment in a space of 6 months at the discount price, you are exempted from paying the usual installment charge.
That’s a whole lot of money you get to save.

5. Win amazing prices:

Yes, you also get to win amazing prices when you key in to our special offer. Prices include, Laptops, Tabs, Bag packs and lots more.
For more enquiries call; 0812-807-9457 or 01-293-2213.
NB: Only those who key in during the promo period can enjoy these opportunities, after the end of August, the prices revert.
Promo ends on the 31st of August 2019.
Terms and Conditions Apply.

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