It’s that time of year again when the kids go on a long vacation, that means no school, no assignments, giving them a lot of free time and ample opportunity to turn the house upside down. That doesn’t have to be the case though, that is why we’ve compiled these creative activities to keep the kids busy during their long vacation.

They consist of both indoor and outdoor activities which include;

1. Arts and Crafts: Craft making is one beautiful way to keep the kids busy this holiday. With craft ideas such as making beads, paper crafts, coloring and painting, designing cards and collage designs are just a few craft activities that are both engaging and interesting.

2. Book Club: Joining a book club is another fantastic way to keep the kids busy this holiday. The book club can be a family book club where every member of the family is involved, picking one book at a time to make it more interesting. Incentives can be given as rewards in the book club to ginger the kids. Book collections such as ‘Diary of a Wimpy kid’, ‘Harry Potter’ ‘Dr Seuss’ ‘Quentin Blake, ‘Project X Alien Adventures’, ‘X-men comics’,  ‘Supa-Strikas’,  ‘Avengers comics’, and lots more are good book collection examples you can get for your kids.

3. Cooking/Snacks: Learning different food or snack recipes is a great way for kids to spend their holiday. Simple food/snack recipes like Popcorn, Sandwich, Salad, Puff-Puff, Buns are fun and easy recipes your kids would love making and eating!

4. Sport:  For kids who enjoy sporting activities, this would be a great time to enroll them in sport clubs for kids, this way they can improve their skills while engaging with their peers . Sport activities like Football, Volleyball, Running, Tennis, Bicycling and even swimming are sports that your kids can engage in this holiday.

5. Learn an Instrument: Does your child have a flare for music? If so, this is a great opportunity to fan their love for it by helping them learn an instrument. You could either enroll them in a musical school or get a musical instructor to teach them at home, whichever way, learning a musical instrument like a Guitar, Piano, Violin or Clarinet will definitely help in keeping the kids occupied this holiday.

6. Volunteer: Kids can volunteer this holiday to help in their various communities by lending a hand to children in motherless homes, they could also help by giving out stuff they no longer use or need to these kids.

Doing these good will services, will help your kids appreciate the privilege they have that others don’t. Examples of places they can volunteer include; Churches, Mosques, Old people’s homes, Motherless homes, Children Hospitals, or Local nursing homes.

7. Learn a new Language: Kids assimilate easily; hence the best time to learn a new language is when they are still so young. The holiday thus is a great opportunity for them to start learning and speaking a language different from what they are used to.

8. Taekwondo: While a lot of parents may not embrace their kids learning how to fight, Taekwondo is necessary for kids to learn especially for self defense.  For kids who may face bullying or assaults in one way or the other, it is advisable that they know how to defend themselves.

The long vacation is a great time for kids to learn skills and increase in knowledge, while schools may make provisions for the usual summer coaching, these activities listed above can be included to enhance their social side.

While it is good to keep the kids engaged this holiday, it is also necessary to create free time for them to have fun as well, cause as they say, “All work and no play………”

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