Land inspections are very important when looking out for the type of land you want to purchase, though there are obvious reasons why people would want to purchase a particular piece of land, for example, the location, price or documents the land carries… etc. Sometimes, we overlook some other very important aspects that are necessary before buying any piece of land.

Below are 10 important tips you need to look out for when on land inspection.

  1. Topography:

Topography refers to the study of the shape and features of land surfaces, in order words;

Does the land possess suitable features for building?

Is it rocky or swampy or even waterlogged?

Some of these features are easy to note, while others may take a while. A wet or waterlogged land for instance may seem dry during the dry season, and you only get to see the real surface during the rainy season. Hence it is advisable to purchase your land during the rainy season to avoid over looking such features.


  1. Size and Shape of the Land:


Depending on the purpose of the land, it is important to take into account the size and shape of the land. Are you buying for residential purposes or for business purposes? If the land size or shape is too small during your site inspection, it is best you look out for other options.


  1. Building Limitations:


When purchasing any given land, it is always note worthy to know the limitations that come with building on the land. Most estates are strictly for residential purposes, while some may include lands for shops and stalls or even warehouses. Ask your real estate agent about the limitations that come with the land before making any down payment.


  1. Flooding:


Most areas are prone to flooding but still a lot of people fall victims to these land baits and buy up these properties due to their cheap or affordable prices.

When on land inspections, especially for land close to the riverside areas, be alert and look out for any signs of flooding in such areas. Though sometimes this may be hard to notice, that is why as stated above, it is advisable to purchase your property during the rainy season to avoid the risk of purchasing a property in a flood zone.


  1. Neighborhood Properties:


While on land inspection, this is the best time to scrutinize the neighborhood properties. Are they properties you would be comfortable living next to? Do they have any issues that may be hazardous to your health?

For example, purchasing a land that is situated close to a minefield or a chemical hazardous facility would only cause harm to the residents.


  1. Ease of Access:


Is the property easily accessible? How about the road, are they motor able? Is the area prone to traffic gridlocks? Is there a good road network?

If the road leading to the property is terrible e.g. Lots of potholes or road patches, it is important you weigh your options before purchasing such property.

  1. Ask Questions:


It is necessary to ask lots of questions when on land inspections, some properties have major issues that may not be easily noticeable even with all the tips given above, that is why it is necessary to undergo proper research yourself. Sometimes, it takes asking your real estate agent or even people who live around the neighborhood to find out what these issues are, before taking that bold step to purchase such property.

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