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The Unveiling “Aimart International’s New Brand Identity”

Aimart International Brand New Logo


Aimart International had the Unveiling of it’s new brand identity on Saturday the 14th of December 2019.


The Enclave which represents the unification of the different subsidiaries namely; “Aimart Realtors“, “Aimart logistics” and “Aimart Foundation” promotes Stability, Reliability, Transparency, Trustworthiness, Efficiency and much more.


Aimart International Unveils New Brand Identity.


Mr Illuyomade while explaining on the new logo emphasized that there are other bags of ideas that the company will be adding to it’s operation across the group. He further stressed the company’s commitment to satisfying it’s customers and delivering quality service.


The Unveiling also saw customers being rewarded with various prizes which included a Toyota Camry through a raffle draw to promote it’s special season offer.


MD Aimart International Mrs Bukola Illuyomade, winner of the Deep Freezer Mrs Oluwakemi Ojei alongside Mr Illuyomade.


At the end of the draws, Mr Osawe Ojie went home with a Generator Set, while Mrs Oluwakemi Ojie walked away with a Deep Freezer. Mr Taiwo Oyeniyi emerged as the winner of the Toyota Camry.


MD Aimart International Mrs Bukola Illuyomade, Mr Taiwo Oyeniyi, winner of the Toyota Camry and Mr Illuyomade.


It was a Win-Win situation for all who participated in the draw, as everyone walked away with a price which included a bag of rice and groundnut oil.


Raffle draw subscriber with a bag of rice and oil.


With the Unveiling of it’s new brand identity, Aimart International hopes to increase it’s awareness and is steadfast in promoting it’s vision of being a ‘One stop solution in global Real Estate business.”


As part of it’s projection for the coming year, Aimart Realtors, one of the subsidiaries of Aimart International, has planned on embarking on a project to reduce the challenges faced with accommodations in the country.


Speaking at the just concluded event, Mr Illuyomade stated thus;

“One of the four cardinal points of Aimart Realtors is to make home affordable and easy for people to live in, and  plan is already concluded to see this a reality in 2020.”


The plan is to reduce the burden of acquisition hence the payment of houses will be spread over a period of time to ease the burden on interested buyers, he buttressed.

Mr and Mrs Illuyomade with guests at the Aimart International New Brand Identity Unveiling.


With the Unveiling of it’s new brand identity, plans are already in place to ensure that Aimart International and it’s subsidiaries leave a lasting impact in every sector or field they operate in.

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