Real estate is generally considered a great investment option because of its predictable cash flow, less volatile nature which has many advantages over stocks, bonds or mutual funds and more especially as it appreciates, a resistant to inflation.

Wondering if real estate is for you? Read on as we share with you 7 benefits of investing in real estate and how you can get started with a friendly budget if you don’t have hundreds of millions to invest.

INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE GIVES PASSIVE INCOME: Just as the popular saying goes, “Landlords grow rich in their sleep without working, risking or economising”, as a property investor, you can earn income from renting out your properties.

FINANCIAL STABILITY: The growth in Nigeria’s population and the unreliable state of the economy should communicate the need for reliable investments that will provide financial stability to smart individuals.Having an avenue for extra income is everyone’s desire, and at Aimart Realtors, we believe now is the perfect time to invest in Real Estate in Nigeria as the market is steadily gaining momentum.If you think having extra properties is unnecessary stress and liability, our customer-friendly investment plans have been specifically designed for you. We help you manage your real estate investment from procurement to development, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

FINANCIAL SECURITY: Real Estate is a financially secure investment because it’s not as volatile as the stock market. While the stock market might drop to almost zero interest rates, real estate will maintain reasonable dividend as long as you are patient enough to choose a boom period to sell or lease.

REAL ESTATE IS A GROWING INDUSTRY: With infrastructural development and migration from one place to the other, people will always need shelter. This demand has created an opportunity, and Aimart Realtors can help you profitably tap into this opportunity. We analyze market data and human behavioral factors that affect the industry to determine when and where to invest in Real Estate.

REAL ESTATE APPRECIATES OVER TIME: You will agree that a seemingly worthless piece of land in Lagos that was worth ₦50,000 in year 2000 is now worth millions of naira.Why? Because real estate will always appreciate over time. Although there are also down moments when the industry experiences slow demand, the market always comes back up. Just like old wine, the longer real estate stays, the more valuable it becomes.

HIGH-VALUE ASSET FOR COLLATERAL: If you decide to get a loan in the future, your property can be a high-value collateral for you to get your loan approved and receive the funds you need to execute your desired project.

REAL ESTATE IS IMPROVABLE: Another reason to invest in Real Estate in Nigeria is that it can be improved to increase its market value. There are numerous opportunities and resources for improvement in real estate investment with time.You can always patch up a property with few improvements to increase its value and price. The exciting thing? If you’re more of a handy-man, you can even do it yourself. A paint job here, a new facet there, and you just become a hundred thousand bucks richer.

The real estate industry in Nigeria is booming and you can tap into this opportunity to grow your personal income and build financial security.

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