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Firm to change real estate narrative


The Aimart International Nigeria Limited, a real estate development services and logistics firm,  is poised to change the narrative in the real estate industry.

Its Managing Director, Mrs. Bukola Iluyomade, disclosed this at the kick-off of Aimart’s allocation of land to its subscribers and end-of-the-year land promo.

According to her, there is a need to constantly enlighten the public about the prospects in real estate and how they can generate multiple strings of income by opening their eyes to investment opportunities in land.

“A lot of people believe that they cannot buy into real estate without having so much money. We are here to change that and to tell people how they can go about that and also to let them know that they don’t need to be scared going into real estate because of swindlers,” Iluyomade said.


One tool she plans to use to change the narrative is the power of education. She argued that the firm’s research has shown that many people do not have the correct knowledge and information on how to go about preparing their property, so Aimart has taken it as a responsibility to educate people.

“We do our due diligence on any property so as to guide people on what to buy land and educate them about their documentations. Documentation is one of the most important things in real estate.  We discovered that a lot of people don’t understand this; they only believe that I have bought my land and that is the end. Education is key in this area and we are out to provide this,” she explained.

Iluyomade said the firm’s properties are scattered across various locations in the state. For instance, the firm has over 100 acres of land in its estates in Ibeju-Lekki, where its Landmark Park, Covenant Park and Intercontinental Park estates are located. Similarly, on the Mainland, Aimart’s estates – Palms Park, Sunshine Park in Ikorodu, including the Royalty Park and Champion Park in Mokoloki, are some of the projects the firm is banking on for the industry’s turnaround.

With a flexible payment plan, Iluyomade is convinced that her firm offers the best price in the industry. For instance, a plot of land in Landmark Park sells for N1.5 million, but because of the promo season which runs till next January, it now sells for N1.2 million. The same promo price is applicable to other estates by the firm. In Covenant Park, a plot of land is N1 million but reduced to N900,000. Plots of land in its estate on the Mainland sells for N900,000 but reduced to N750,000 for the promo period.

“Our payment plans are very flexible. We have done it in such a way that everybody, even if you have limited financial power, you can still key in. We have payment plans for three months, six months, nine months and one year. Even if you want to do daily contribution (Esusu), we have a structure for it,” she said, adding that while the firm’s vision is to build houses, for now it has started with  the sale of land, that is, site and services, with skeletal operations in managing some homes owned by the company. Planned facilities for the estate include green areas, recreational facilities, etc.

One of Aimart’s brand ambassadors, who is also a film maker, producer and actor by profession, Francis Onwouchei, was full of praises for the firm. He explained that his involvement with the firm is because he is convinced of the firm’s sincerity and ability to deliver on its promises.

“When you talk of land speculations and land investment, Nigerians are willing but they are concerned about integrity and trust for the people and the need they want to do. They want to do due diligence to know the people involved have integrity. I and other ambassadors have stick out our necks for Aimart because we are convinced they have integrity, and by extension encouraging Nigerians to make useful investment in matters that have to do with land,” Onwouchei said.


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